2012 Issues

November-December 2012; Volume 16, Number 6

The cover is contributed to Chip Scale Review from a global leader in the development and manufacturing of specialty materials, integrated processes, and laboratory-scale wafer processing equipment for reliable fabrication of semiconductors, compound semiconductors, advanced microelectronic packaging and 3-D ICs, MEMS, sensors, displays, LEDs, and printed electronics.

Cover image courtesy of Brewer Science.

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September-October 2012; Volume 16, Number 5

MEMS sensors currently represent a multi-billion unit market that is growing 24%/yr. Along with shrinking footprints, such growth creates challenges for MEMS testing including the fact that packaging affects MEMS performance to a much larger extent than traditional ICs. MEMS devices must also be subjected to physical stimuli, making the move to testing at the wafer level more difficult. But with major challenges come great business opportunities.

Cover image courtesy of Fairchild Semiconductor.

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July-August 2012; Volume 16, Number 4

The cover represents fcCuBETM, STATS ChipPAC’s fine pitch Cu column Flip Chip technology – an approach designed to address the critical triad of packaging: Performance, Form Factor and Cost. Featuring proprietary BOL (Bond-on- Lead) interconnection, bump pitches down to 40um and exposed-die Mold Underfill (eMUF), the technology meets 2D and 3D packaging requirements through the 20nm Si node in a wide range of mobile and computing products.

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May-June 2012; Volume 16, Number 3

The front cover compliments our feature article on copper pillar bumping technology. The 300mm wafer contains roughly 20 million copper pillar micro-bumps. The distinctive die footprint hosts a full matrix bump array of 51K bumps at ≤45µm pitch.

Photo courtesy of Amkor Technology and Xilinx, Inc. with special thanks to the Amkor Technology Korea R&D and Packaging Engineering team.

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March-April 2012; Volume 16, Number 2

Welcome to the annual OSATS edition. Once again, OSATS are the forefront topic of this issue and so the front cover artwork provided by Adrian Grosu depicts a global perspective into the world of the OSATS. The Market Trends feature ahead in this issue interviews the executives at the top 5 firms representing 50% of OSATS market share and the outlook ahead for them and the other OSATS.

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January-February 2012; Volume 16, Number 1

The front cover depicts this issue's tribute to the burn-in and test sockets industry. The updated International Directory of Burn-in & Test Socket Suppliers has been published once again to keep the industry current. Supplementing the tribute is an article by Wells-CTI's very own James Forster, Ph.D. entitled " Burn-in Sockets for CSPs: An Update on Challenges"

Cover artwork designed by Steve Virga Design

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