2011 Issues

November-December 2011; Volume 15, Number 6

In the midst of tremendous technological changes in manufacturing methods, semiconductor assembly and test houses are still relying on known and reliable processes. Solders and fluxes have evolved into new forms, but the principle of forming electrical interconnects from a self-leveling, molten solder joint cleaned by an appropriate semiconductor grade flux remains a core element of the assembly process.

Front cover image courtesy of Indium Corporation.

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September-October 2011; Volume 15, Number 5

Sept Oct’s cover image depicts this issue’s content on xray inspection with the international directory of defect inspection systems. Bill Cardoso provides a cutting edge view of the technology behind Creative Electron in the article “X-Ray Inspection Techniques to Identify Counterfeit Electronic Components”

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July-August 2011; Volume 15, Number 4

In addition to being chock full of technology features, this annual SEMICON West issue features a SEMICON West product showcase, and a SEMI authored column providing a status update on the 3D standards effort. ECTC 2011 was a huge success and you’ll find the review and photos to prove it. There’s also a featured interview with STATS ChipPAC, giving an inside look at one

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May-June 2011; Volume 15, Number 3

As the demand for ‘smart’ devices grows, more applications will require wafer level packages (WLP) and 3D WLP to meet functionality demands. As a result, wafer-level chip scale packages (WLCSP), such as the one depicted in this photo shot by Jess Alford, are experiencing an industry growth spurt. In this issue, Dan Baldwin, of Engent Inc, writes about low-cost, 3D WLCSP technology that leverages the existing infrastructures of WLP and high-volume flip chip assembly as a stepping stone to 3D integration.

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March-April 2011; Volume 15, Number 2

March - April’s cover represents a global view of the worldwide market for the semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS). The latest market update is presented in this issue’s editorial lineup with Integrated Circuits (ICs) Out Pacing the Economy. The top ten OSATS are evaluated in conjunction with the annual International Directory of IC Packaging Foundries.

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January-February 2011; Volume 15, Number 1

The front cover image shows bump shear on wafer utilizing Nordson DAGE’s image capture system which facilitates failure mode designation with the rapid acquisition of relevant images and measurements, reducing the subjectivity in failure mode assessment by the operator, as well as enabling in-depth failure analysis and the association of images with automation patterns. Nordson DAGE provides bond testing equipment and continues to be heavily invested in research and development to remain at the cutting edge of bond testing technology.

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